PERIAL is a family company that has been instrumental in shaping and developing commercial property. Over the years, PERIAL has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt and innovate while never losing sight of its values.

PERIAL was born of a joint undertaking by two leading families of entrepreneurs, the Perrins, who began making gloves in the French city of Grenoble in the 19th century, and the Cosserats, who started producing velvet in Amiens in the late 18th century. The two formed a successful union based on a shared philosophy that we have continued to cultivate to this day, based on a continuous quest for quality, a closer relationship with our customers, a drive to create property projects in tune with the times, and our unwavering focus on innovation.

This forward-looking, innovative approach came to the fore in the 1960s, when Guy Cosserat turned his attention to the property market and helped to create new savings products with the launch of the first real-estate investment companies (SPCI), known as Participations Foncières (PF1 & PF2), which were a resounding success.

The company adopted the name PERIAL in 2006 and remained an independent group. Through investment in real estate, PERIAL succeeded in building on its founding values: innovation, expertise and sustainability. This same outlook also led us to introduce the market's first green SPCI (PFO2) in 2009 while preparing for the future through the ongoing development of pioneering new products.

€3 billion in assets under management at the end of 2017
41,000 associates with shares in SPCIs and OPCIs*
More than 1,400 tenant companies
500 buildings
500 brokers

* Real-estate collective investment undertakings


The photos are investments already made that do not prejudge future investments



PF Grand Paris

Campus Cluster






Our expertise

Perial asset management

PERIAL Asset Management has been breaking new ground in real-estate asset management for the past 50 years and is now committed to value creation through "green buildings".

Perial development

PERIAL Development sees environmental challenges as an opportunity to create value in the long term while helping people rethink attitudes to work and lifestyles.

Perial property management

PERIAL Property Management works hand in hand with customers in the belief that optimising return starts with ensuring satisfaction for the men and women who own and lease the buildings we manage.

Our products

PERIAL offers expertise in property management, development and asset management
through a range of effective, reliable solutions:


PF Grand Paris

The benefit of experience

The oldest SCPI still in operation is all about a lasting return on investment.


A practical, modular investment option

Created in 1992, PFO has made it possible to modernise and consolidate office space for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Awareness of green issues driving sustainable performance

PFO2 is a PERIAL Asset Management innovation and the first green property investment fund to make green value a cornerstone of its investments. PFO2 acquisitions incorporate energy and financing solutions for buildings.

Institutional investors

PERIAL offers a number of solutions for institutional investors, in line with specific challenges in investment and real estate.

Drawing on its presence throughout the entire real-estate value chain, PERIAL benefits from a wide-ranging, comprehensive understanding of property issues, allowing it to more readily take on board a greater variety of challenges faced by its clients, whether tenants, investors or representatives. To meet the property and investment needs of institutional investors, PERIAL provides a range of tried-and-tested products and services along with an ability to develop tailored solutions in its three areas of expertise: Asset Management, Property Management and Property Development.

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Asset managers

PERIAL provides asset managers with an array of products to meet their clients' different savings targets,
along with high-quality services for asset managers who put their faith in its solutions.

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