SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone

PERIAL Euro Carbone, a non-traded SCI that you can include in your life insurance policy, helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in France and Europe.
PERIAL Euro Carbone is the first non-traded SCI with a socially responsible investment label and a low-carbon strategy. PERIAL Euro Carbone invests primarily in offices located in major European cities. PERIAL Euro Carbone is an Alternative Investment Fund, organized as a non-publicly traded real estate company (Société Civile Immobilière-SCI) with variable capital. It is not certified by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF). It is available as a unit of accumulation for life insurance policies.
SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone

A low-carbon strategy addressing environmental and climate issues

The building industry is one of the top greenhouse gas-emitting sectors in France and Europe. PERIAL Euro Carbone seeks to contribute to the decarbonization of this sector with a strategy aimed at controlling, preventing, reducing and offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions from each building in its portfolio.

Unavoidable emissions will be offset by financial contributions to rigorously selected carbon offsetting projects, which provide both social and environmental benefits. ">Discover the ESG strategy for the fund.

Office buildings in Europe

Portfolio allocation 2021
  • Immobilier direct 22.2 %
  • Co-investissement à travers un OPPCI 28 %
  • Liquidités 8.7 %
  • Frais et droits 5.8 %
  • Trésorerie 9.8 %
  • Investissement via des SCI contrôlées 25.4 %
Geographic distribution (1) 2021
  • Régions 35.9 %
  • Ile de France 38.7 %
  • Belgique et Espagne 25.5 %
Sectoral distribution (1) 2021
  • Bureaux 96 %
  • Commerces 4 %

Percentage distribution of the appraisal value as of 12/31/2021, subject to change.

Please refer to our documents for more information.

(1) Real estate portfolio

Invest in tomorrow, today

Choose a responsible savings solution

When you add PERIAL Euro Carbone to your life insurance policy, you invest in the first real estate unit of accumulation with a socially responsible investment label.

Diversifiez votre  patrimoine avec l’immobilier professionnel © PERIAL
Diversify your investments

By integrating the benefits of corporate real estate into your life insurance policy.

Invest in the only unit of accumulation with a low-carbon strategy

PERIAL Euro Carbone, an environmentally-conscious non-trading SCI, seeks to reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions in its real estate portfolio.

Key figures

The risks

By subscribing to shares in a non-trading SCI, investors are exposed to the following key risks:
Lower risk Higher risk
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Key information sheet

- Risk of loss of capital: the Company does not offer any capital protection guarantee. The net asset value may therefore be lower than the subscription price. Investors are warned that their capital is not guaranteed and may not be returned to them, or only in part. All potential investors must be aware that investments are subject to the normal stock market fluctuations and the risks associated with any investment in transferable securities. The investments are also subject to the specific fluctuations of the underlying properties.

- Risk of debt: the Company may contract loans within a limit of 40% of the value of the assets it holds. The return of capital in the event of liquidation will be subordinated to the prior payment of the loans. The Company also introduces a risk related to the refinancing of its assets upon expiry of the loans.

- Risks linked to discretionary management: resulting from the managers’ selection of poorer-performing investments.

- Property risk: a decrease in the value of property assets may lead to a decrease in the value of shares.

- Market risk: the potential income of property assets and their value and liquidity may increase or decrease depending on the real estate market conditions.

- Liquidity risk: the liquidity of shares in real estate funds or real estate assets held by the Company is not guaranteed. The Company’s underlying holdings are considered as illiquid.


PERIAL Euro Carbone is a product reserved exclusively for professional clients. The legal documents may be obtained from the management company upon request or at the PERIAL AM headquarters: 34 rue Guersant, 75017 Paris. PERIAL EURO CARBONE is a non-trading real estate company(Société Civile Immobilière), registered on 14 August 2020. It is headquartered at 34 Rue Guersant, 75017 Paris - R.C.S. Paris 888 113 594. The market authorization for the non-traded SCI was awarded by AMF (the French financial markets authority) on 18/11/2020.

The PERIAL Asset Management difference

50 years of experience

50 years of experience

Founded in 1966 with the launch of one of the first SCPI on the market, the PERIAL Group now applies its expertise to the entire real estate value chain. PERIAL Asset Management believes that sustainable performance is the only kind that matters.

La stratégie ESG de PFO2

A committed Group

PERIAL’s history is linked to that of the investment and real estate markets, which are currently facing major challenges. Fully aware of our responsibility, we take a pragmatic approach by ensuring the responsible management of SCPI buildings, anticipating energy regulations and releasing the 2030 PERIAL Positive Plan. We are committed to offering you responsible investment solutions.



PERIAL Asset Management is an independent, family-owned management company. This means it does not report to any shareholders other than the members of its SCPI. This freedom is precious. It ensures that PERIAL AM’s interests are perfectly aligned with those of its investors.



PERIAL Asset Management is carrying on a family tradition of bold entrepreneurship: with the creation of PF1 in 1966, one of the first SCPI on the market and PFO2, the first green SCPI in 2009, PERIAL AM has paved the way for and structured the SCPI market from its beginnings.