PFO : The European diversified SCPI
Created in 1998, PFO is committed to diversifying its assets in two ways: firstly, by investing in the hospitality sector, whose operations are correlated to other economic cycles than office buildings. Secondly, by diversifying geographically through investments in the Euro zone: in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, etc., markets where we consider that the prospects of appreciation in value are significant. This double diversification notably mutualizes the rental risks of the PFO SCPI.

Customizable real estate investment!

The property assets on the map represent buildings that are fully or partially held, acquired directly or indirectly by PFO. They do not offer any guarantee of future investments.
Geographic distribution (1) 2021
  • Régions 40.6 %
  • Région parisienne 19.2 %
  • Pays-Bas 14.1 %
  • Allemagne 12.6 %
  • Espagne 10.2 %
  • Italie 2.2 %
  • Paris 1.1 %
Sectoral distribution 2021
  • Bureaux 50.8 %
  • Hôtels, tourisme, loisirs 25.9 %
  • Commerces 18.2 %
  • Santé et éducation 4.7 %
  • Logistique et locaux d'activités 0.2 %
  • Alternatifs 0.2 %

Distribution as of 03/31/2022

Subject to change

Please refer to our documents for more information.

(1) As appraised value

Four reasons to invest in PFO SCPI

Diversify your assets, mutualize your rental risks

The PFO SCPI is made up of a varied real estate portfolio: offices, hospitality, retail, business premises... Types of buildings whose operation depends on different factors: economic growth, demographic evolution or tourism. In addition, these properties are located in dynamic metropolitan areas in France and Europe, and are therefore exposed to different economic cycles. This double diversification, typological and geographical, allows you to mutualize the rental risk of your real estate investment.

Diversifiez votre  patrimoine avec l’immobilier professionnel © PERIAL
Invest in professional real estate

Owing to the size of the sums involved, professional real estate is often reserved for international or institutional investors. However, the SCPI PFO allows you to access the economic dynamics of professional real estate on a European scale.

Supplement your income

Accessible from €5,000, invest in SCPI units and receive your potential rents every quarter, without the management worries associated with direct real estate: no need to look for tenants, no unforeseen expenses, no work to manage... PERIAL Asset Management takes care of everything.

Invest in bare ownership without affecting your taxes

Investing in a PERIAL Asset Management SCPI through property division allows you to benefit from a discount on the share price. If you purchase the bare ownership, you will not receive any income during the entire property division period. This technique makes it possible invest a reduced amount without increasing your income or taxes. At the end of the property division period, which can be scheduled to correspond with the start of your retirement, you receive full ownership of the SCPI shares and thus the potential rent to supplement your income. Contact our Financial Advisors.

Our ESG strategy for the PFO
At PERIAL AM, we analyze Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in our investment decisions as well as in our asset management policy for PFO.

Our rewards

Victoire Le Particulier 2020 - Transparence
Victoire d'or pour son information aux épargnants
Victoire d'argent pour sa SCPI PFO 2020
Victoire d'argent pour sa SCPI PFO

The risks

SCPI investments are real estate investments
SCPI investments are therefore long-term investments for which liquidity is limited and the capital and income are not guaranteed. The simulated risk indicator is therefore based on the assumption that you will keep the product for 8 years. It allows you to assess the risk level of this product as compared to others. This product is classified in the 3 out of 7 risk category, which is a low-to- average risk category. In other words, potential losses related to the product’s future results after eight years are classified as being low to average.You may have trouble selling your product or may need to sell at a price that will significantly affect the amount you will receive in return. This product does not include any protection against market fluctuations, and you could potentially lose part or all of your investment.
Lower risk Higher risk
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The PERIAL Asset Management difference

La stratégie ESG de PFO2

A committed Group

PERIAL’s history is linked to that of the investment and real estate markets, which are currently facing major challenges. Fully aware of our responsibility, we take a pragmatic approach by ensuring the responsible management of SCPI buildings, anticipating energy regulations and releasing the 2030 PERIAL Positive Plan. We are committed to offering you responsible investment solutions.



PERIAL Asset Management is carrying on a family tradition of bold entrepreneurship: with the creation of PF1 in 1966, one of the first SCPI on the market and PFO2, the first green SCPI in 2009, PERIAL AM has paved the way for and structured the SCPI market from its beginnings.

50 years of experience

50 years of experience

Founded in 1966 with the launch of one of the first SCPI on the market, the PERIAL Group now applies its expertise to the entire real estate value chain. PERIAL Asset Management believes that sustainable performance is the only kind that matters.



PERIAL Asset Management is an independent, family-owned management company. This means it does not report to any shareholders other than the members of its SCPI. This freedom is precious. It ensures that PERIAL AM’s interests are perfectly aligned with those of its investors.

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