Our ESG strategy for the PF Grand Paris SCPI

At PERIAL AM, we analyze Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in our investment decisions as well as in our asset management policy for PF Grand Paris.

Each real-estate asset included in PF Grand Paris receives a score out of 100, which takes into account 60 ESG criteria combining environmental, social and governance performance.

This ESG approach is central to the investment and management strategies of PF Grand Paris. For each asset in the portfolio, the fund targets a minimum ESG performance score at the time of the acquisition. If the asset does not obtain the necessary score, an action plan is developed.

Cette démarche présente toutefois certaines limites puisque l’atteinte des objectifs est subordonnée à la qualité et à la complétude des données collectées, au montant des dépenses d’investissement nécessaires pour atteindre ces objectifs et à l’engagement en matière ESG des différentes parties impliquées dans l’utilisation de l’immeuble (locataires, prestataires immobiliers…). 

This score is calculated during the pre-acquisition period and updated annually. The data is collected by the property managers and the PERIAL AM teams then test it for reliability and validate it.

These ESG criteria include:

  • 11 related to the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change
  • 11 related to users’ health and comfort
  • 5 related to biodiversity
  • 2 related to the climate resilience of the region

Example of a real estate investment

Disclosure Regulation

The PF Grand Paris SCPI is classified according to Article 8 of the Disclosure Regulation.La SCPI PF Grand Paris est classée en Article 8 selon le règlement Disclosure.

PERIAL Positive 2030

For more information on how PERIAL AM takes into account the reciprocal impact of real estate and key environmental, social and governance principles, please see the PERIAL Positive 2030 page and the appendix to the Information Sheet on product sustainability.

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