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PERIAL Asset Management a plus de 55 ans d'expérience dans la gestion d'actifs. Dans les années 60, nous avons été précurseurs sur un nouveau mode d’épargne, l’épargne immobilier en créant l'une des premières SCPI du marché, PF1.

Dans un secteur en pleine mutation, nos équipes s'engagent à gérer de manière vertueuse le patrimoine de nos fonds. Aujourd'hui, notre offre est constituée de produits collectifs d'épargne SCPI, SCI et OPPCI destinés aux épargnants particuliers ainsi qu'aux investisseurs institutionnels.

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Our ESG approach

For over 10 years, PERIAL AM has made sustainable development a key part of its real estate management strategy. The creation of the PFO2 SCPI in 2009 allowed the management company to stay ahead of the market by introducing an ambitious, pioneering approach in the area of environmental performance.

This strong conviction naturally led PERIAL AM to integrate the two other ESG pillars of social and governance issues into its approach. It launched a global ESG approach with the aim of integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in its investment decisions and asset management activities. ESG management ensures a responsible and meaningful long-term approach. The inclusion of non-financial aspects ensures a commitment to enhancing property, preventing building obsolescence and improving tenant satisfaction.

This approach also embodies the management company’s commitment to its investors by anticipating future standards and issues, allowing PERIAL AM to guarantee responsible and sustainable investments.

A committed group
Since 1966, the PERIAL Group has applied it expertise to the entire real estate value chain.

Discover our complementary investment solutions

Notre SCI
PF Grand Paris
Enhance your investments by capitalizing on the real estate dynamic of a large-scale regional development project.
Diversify your portfolio by investing in a variety of sectors: offices, hospitality, shops and business premises in France and the Euro zone.
Select the first green SCPI on the market and invest in professional real estate in France and the Euro zone.
PF Hospitalité Europe
A 100% European SCPI specialized in hospitality and accommodation
SCI PERIAL Euro Carbone
Help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in France and Europe by including PERIAL Euro Carbone, a non-traded SCI, in your life insurance policies.
Warning :

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investment in SCPI shares involves a risk of capital loss. Investment in a SCPI must be approached with a long-term view.

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Team dedicated to our partners

Laetitia BERNIER
Laetitia BERNIER
Sales & Marketing Director
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Maximilien LEMME
Maximilien LEMME
Partnership Officer
Nouvelle Aquitaine
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Partnership Officer
Nord Ouest
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Philippe PLOMION
Philippe PLOMION
Partnership Officer
Sud Est
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Adélaïde de SAINT POL
Chargée de Partenariats CGP
Nouvelle Aquitaine
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Partnership Officer
Nord Est
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Team dedicated to institutional clients

Director of Fund Management & Institutional Clients
06 08 88 28 22
Director of Key Account and Institutional Partnerships
01 56 43 10 67
Sales Support Coordinator
01 56 43 11 08

Our rewards

Victoire Le Particulier 2020 - Transparence
Victoire d'or pour son information aux épargnants
Victoire-pierre papier 2021
Victoire de la pierre-papier pour PF Grand Paris

A dedicated team for our distributor partners

As always, we take our distributors’ concerns seriously. We treat them as clients, prioritizing our contact with them and the quality of our close working relationship.

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